There is treasure in everything I see...

There is treasure in everything I see...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pretty Little Dress

So, this cute little dress was so simple to make, this one is a practise one as the fabric is not exactly what I pictured, I see a soft flowing feminine fabric, so the search is on..but for posting this will do. I cannot help but make girlie things, they are easy and there are so many patterns...I did although use Oscar as my model, he wasn't overly impressed. If you're interested in this patter, let me know and I'll post you out a copy. This dress can be made from a thicker Wintery Fabric to make it suitable for the colder months ahead, with a cute scarf, jacket and boots...

Gorgeous Milla

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  1. Hi Elle,
    Love your blog and I am going to follow it. I have a blog too! Not many people know about it though because I am too embarrassed to ever mention it:) But I decided to be brave and let you in on the secret. I started it when Adam and I moved to Melbourne in 2007 for family to see what we were up to and it has become a bit of a journal of my family life (getting married, having artie etc!)

    Look forward to seeing what you get up to next, you are so very talented and motivated!
    xox Denise