There is treasure in everything I see...

There is treasure in everything I see...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My new LOVE...Japanese Pattern Books

I recently stumbled across some Japanese Pattern books when visiting Patchworks in Malvern, I only had to flick through the first few pages to fall in love...I loved every single dress, top, skirt inside. Japanese designers have simplicity to their outfits, soft flowing feminine styles...which I love to wear.  Unfortunately these pattern books are still in Japanese, and although the sales lady insisted they are simple to follow my brain turned to mush when I looked at all the Japanese text, how was I ever going to translate it. So, I set myself a challenge, I figured all the standard patterns were so done and dusted, I wanted something new and exciting. I got onto Etsy and bought myself a Japanese Pattern Book called The Stylish Dress book, well it arrived this morning and to my excitement I opened it up and have started to translate the instructions, lots of research on the net for translating Japanese sewing's slowly coming together and I have drawn up the pattern pieces already...will keep you posted.
The Dress I am making.

BIG NEWS!!!......Pattern Update.

I did it...although there is a slight issue (I'll tell you in a sec!)..I managed to not only translate the pattern but learnt a few Japanese sewing symbols along the way. It took 2 hrs to work the pattern out and cut the pieces up..very time consuming but now I know it'll be easy the next time and then next until I don't need a pattern at all. So, now for the little issue - Japanese girls are PETITE, problem, a Japanese size 9 (Australian 10), is not really an Australian 10, so the dress is too small for me. I'm a bit broader across the shoulders so that's the only place it's tight..oh well luckily this was a test run and was made from an old (not so old) sheet. I'll give it away to someone petite. Anyway, other than that it was very simple to make, still got to add the pockets but there is so much you could do to it, you could add a frill or a fabric flower pin.

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